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Before his television debut, Michael was in a West End hit, "The Pirates of Penzance" with Tim Curry.

There's lots of new Pictures of Michael! I've devided them up by where he was in his carrer, though some oare in costume and some are not. Since these thumbnails take so long to load, I am going to have the new pictures available by subject and number. Look for the Orange or Yellow fonts to cue to to the newest photos. We've got several new categories, which I've devided into two main groups:
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  Most of you know Michael from "Robin of Sherwood," and there will be photos of that to follow, but I wanted to let those of you who don't know what happend to him after that know where he's been and what he's been doing.M
  The two color photos to the leftare from articles. The rest are all snappys.

Young Robin

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This black and white photo with the foil was taken when Michael left England to be in the Broadway production of "The Tree Muskateers."  Michael knew he was taking a gamble leaving the top-rated "Robin of Sherwood" to try his luck on Broadway.

The play never got a chance, thanks to the New York Times critic, however there were Hollywood scouts in the audience, and Michael soon found himself on the television soap/drama "Dynasty," or "Die-nasty" as some of us still call it.  Michael started off in a very interesting role as the somewhat mysterious Prince Michael of Moldavia. But they soon turned him into a love-struck man who couldn't think straight due to his obsession with his bride. Once she left him for her mother's ex-husband, Michael also left the show. He tells a humours story about how he discovered that he would no longer be on Dynasty. He'd been up partying for New YEars Eve, and they called him and said, don't bother coming in. At first he thought perhaps he was late for some photo shoot, but no, it was his entire role they meant.      So, Michael left "Dynasty" for other pursuits. Music was one of Michael's first loves, and he set up an entire music studio in the home he was sharing with his then significant other, Finola Hughes. He learned to play several instruments, and even recorded a demo tape, but when that didn't seem to take off, Michael made some movies. 

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